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Scenes from an 80th birthday party…

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Peaceful Valley, North Carolina…  Thanks to our hostess, Natalie, earth-mother extraordinaire, who loaded up the tables with food, provided the scenic views, and welcomed us warmly to celebrate her mawmaw’s 80th birthday party…



The birthday girl held court for her 5 children, her only-surviving brother,  4 nieces/nephews and their spouses, 2 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren, plus a dozen or so shirt-tail relatives, many of whom drove 6plus hours to say, “I love you.”…

Family…it’s not always this pretty, so let’s enjoy the times when it is.  I hope I have as nice a celebration on my 80th.

Happy Week-end!!

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The camper makeover continues, but we’re not ready for The Big Reveal yet…  I would have gotten farther, but we’re taking a short trip to North Carolina to celebrate my Aunt Shirley’s 80th birthday.  All of my favorite cousins will be there, plus a few I haven’t seen in decades…scores, even.  Aunt Shirley is my mom’s youngest sister, the only one still living,  Clarence and Flo Eaton’s baby #9.    She lives in Florida, but she’s driving up to her grand-daughter’s home near Asheville for the soiree’.  The Eatons are seriously funny folks and I’m hoping to laugh until I pee my pants at least once.

In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been up to…

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I’ve been away from the computer a lot for this project, sitting in front of my new sewing maching.  It self-threads, what not to love?   I’ve got 2 of 4 curtain panels finished, a little behind due to last-minute changes in the design.  We’re going to finish up early next week.


I’m taking along some tomatoes to share with the fam in NC….there’s a glut around here…


For more pictures of the garden click  here

Hope you have a great week-end, full of laughter (the snort-your-drink-out-your-nose kind) and fresh veggies…


New Project: Pop-up camper Makeover

In Pop-up Camper Makeover on August 13, 2015 at 4:53 pm

I thought I’d have all the time in the world to write, but Casey and I started a project together and he is a slavemaster…

You may remember that we have a pop-up camper that has been sitting down by our campfire area for several years now.  We have used it for Camp Sleepovers, for SpookWalks, and just for us, but his year we didn’t have time to clean it up for camp.  It is a mildew-y mess, seriously moldy.


Whilst browsing the internets for how-to-eliminate-mold, I discovered that there are plenty of other folks who are remodeling their campers, eager to share their pictures and advice.  What did we do before Pinterest?  I’m bursting with creative ideas and we’re off to a grand start…

We started by re-configuring the floor plan.  It’s a Jayco from the 90’s?, a light 8 ft. so that we can pull it safely with the Caravan.

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Isn’t that fun?  I am so excited that I bought a new sewing machine so I can sew cushion covers and curtains, nothing too elaborate, but clean and comfortable.

We’re hoping we can take her on the road for a week-end before I go back to NYC in September. I’m hatching a plan for her Live Launch, a trip toLexington and the Bourbon Trail in October.    Stay tuned.

Disney Gallery

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While I’m waiting…

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Are you like me?  After a wonderful vacation, spending time with family and soaking up the love, I want to make it go on forever.  I’m looking at my pictures and souvenirs, pulling up memories for viewing, waiting (not that patiently) for Disney Memory Maker to find those pictures, so I can download and share them.

The house is mostly back to normal–just a few spots of artwork, a new group of birdhouses, and some nicely-decorated racecars and rocketships to show that just a couple of weeks ago there were 2 children living here, visited daily by 2 more…   But I have the pictures of that, as well, to stir up a smile.


But pictures can’t tell the whole story, and my mind wanders back to the Actual Memory of them…their 3-dimensional presence nearly real as I pull the thoughts toward me in a mental hug.   oila!  I’m back at Disney World, or my grandkids are outside in the pool, or I’m smiling like a cheshire cat, high-stepping the the Mickey Mouse March.  My smile seems to squeeze the tears out of my eyess, it’s like a crysmile, full of so much love, peace, and joy that I overflow.

I counted yesterday as my first, Real Day of retirement.  I called school to check on some stuff I left behind, and was somehow slightly rocked to hear that they have another nurse!?  Of course, silly sonnystoner, it’s not your job anymore.  Weird.   No doubt they’re doing fine at the track with their new nurse…sniff-sniff.  So that’s behind me…

I’m catching up with house and garden.   Mostly, though, I’m spreading out the Magic as far as it will reach…  I got some booster pixie dust from Tink and this Advice…


Laughter is timeless…Imagination has no age…Dreams are forever.

A Few Photos

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I just got back from visiting the Happiest Place on Earth.  It isn’t Just the Mouse that makes it such a joyful spot.  The company was superb.   I’ve planned this trip for 8 months and there have been many obstacles and doubts about it happening at all, so I’m quite rightly a little proud that it was so charmed.  Taking along a 5-month-old baby and a fella receiving chemotherapy seemed, at times, quite risky, but they were both full of smiles.

I’m just now sorting through the hundreds of shots on my Nikon.  I also bought the Memory Maker and those are the $$ shots, but I have to link up a few more photos before I download them.  So till then…



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