Oh, my, I am sooo tired…but verrry excited.  There’s no time for being sad –though this is the Newyork girls’ last night here– because Mickey and friends are awaiting our arrival.  We have been counting down the days…

I’m going to miss these kids like crazy, but it’s time…   WDW is a great way to top off The Best Summer Ever.





Camp Collage

I’m cooking up some green beans from the garden, mixing some BBQ sauce for the pulled pork and chicken, shuckin’ the corn and generally preparing for the feast that we call the Camp Picnic.  It’s been a Great week…

The weather was stormy all week, but now it’s morphed into hot-as-hell-southern-indiana-in-july, with a bumper crop of mosquitoes.   I’m thinking we need a waterproof bug-spray…has someone already invented that?  We’ll be out in the pool till feast-time…

(I bought a new camera, a cheapie, but decent video capability.  I’m working on the Movie, so there’s more…)

Have a great Sunday!!!


Camp Sonnystone, Day 1

Fun with music…poems by Shel Silverstein…painting our name-letters…wearing our masks.  We ended up having breakfast for supper at Denny’s…

Tuesday is tie-dye day…more music and poems…puppets…hot dogs and tater tots for lunch.

Week-end Wrap-up

I started back at the track on Thursday, taking inventory and buying new supplies for the season.

Friday was opening day and it was a rainy one.  There were delays due to the rain and equipment failure, so I had time to stew over the news that they had not found another nurse (for next week-end).  Many of my friends from last year didn’t return this season, including my favorite bartender, and the medic working with me tactfully explained that no self-respecting RN would work for the money I was being paid.

Saturday was better, sunny and no delays, but still…  I had told the powers-that-be back in May that I couldn’t work week-ends in July, yet they had no plan to cover my absence..  The track owner had said he “knew some nurses”, but without decent incentive (like $$) no one was coming forward to share the job.   There are a number of other problems that had surfaced…  I love these folks, have seriously enjoyed this job, and felt some pangs of regret that things weren’t working out.

Sunday was humid, and despite dollar dogs and beer, not very crowded.  Near the end of the day, I was asked to work next week-end.  So I did what I’m getting real good at doing:  I quit.  It was an amicable parting.  I spoke with them about what they need to do to cover their ass, talked to the jockey union steward about the situation, and handed out hugs.

I guess I am Really Retired now.retired 1

retirement 2








We are starting Camp Sonnystone this week.  Opening ceremonies are today, 2-6.  We will introduce our music and choose the poems to memorize.  Supper tonight is breakfast!  I’ve got to pick up some supplies and groceries, so I’m outta here for now.

Stay tuned for daily updates…