Week-end Wrap-up

Oh, my, I’m way behind on blogging, and that means there’s been a bunch of activity here at the Acres….

Emma and Eliza have settled in quite comfortably and our days are flying by.   Olivia and Samantha have been frequent visitors, and Berkeley and Briley brightened up our Tuesday.  Plenty of pool time, lots of laughs, an art show, swinging, singing, dancing….

Here’s some pictures…



While pictures of cute kids and sappy-sweet prose is what you have come to expect from Sonnystone, I have been going through changes…  This blog is my hobby, but it’s been more than that to me.  It has allowed me to express myself, and has given me a sense of self-satisfaction as I share the world that I’ve created.  Many people wrote me off when I was younger, but it is with great joy that I am still standing, right here in this beautiful life, surrounded with love…

I have invited You into it, and some judge me (after all, they knew me when).  While I tell myself that judgmental people are insecure, small, and mean, it’s hard to not take to heart what they say about me.  Because I wanted them to like me,  I hid my true feelings and thoughts. Still, even when I try to not offend, I offend.

Recently, I’ve  let go of trying to please.  I’m determined to stop hiding…to be really me, Truly who I am.

queenism 1

To that end, I want to express how proud I am that our country has finally provided a way for All americans to get the healthcare they need without going broke.  I am so excited that our country is finally standing up to the dogmatic christian denominations that would have us believe that God does not love All of Us…   I am immensely thrilled that the confederate states of america is finally on the ropes…

More eloquently than I,   Here is how a fellow-blogger phrased it.

Actually, most of the people who think I’m going to hell for my views haven’t read this far…and that’s okay.  I stopped following them  a long time ago…

I’ll try to post more often…




2 thoughts on “Week-end Wrap-up

  1. zipcoffelt

    I’m with you! I think the Almighty has had some very bad press lately… As for those judgmental folks, I always remind myself that their judgments are about them, never about me!! Looking forward to more Blogs!


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