dispatch from Manhattan

It’s all about performance here at the Jose’ household.  Melissa is in rehearsals a Lot, readying for an upcoming performance with NY Philharmonic, “Jeanne d’Arc au Bucher” (Honegger), on June 10-13.

Emma’s Ceili (pronounced kaylee) was on Saturday, a fundraiser for her Irish dance school.  I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that she was superbly outstanding.  During one dance, she came leaping out so gracefully, so strong that the whole room took a collective breath and burst into applause.   However, the venue was too dark for a decent picture, especially since we were seated at the back of the room  (near the food and booze).  It was something like this, only real:

irish leap

I did manage to get a couple of pre-performance pictures…

The weather on the evening of the Ceili was the best I’ve seen in NYC in over a year, and I was glad to walk my happy ass the 30 blocks home after the show.  I Love walking in New York, and I’d had just enough Irish Drink to make me forget about that damn heel.  It’s getting better every day, anyway, and I think the walk did me a whole lot of good.

Last night was Eliza’s Pre-K 4 show, themed “We heart the 80’s”.  She had been practicing her moves for “Holiday”, the old-school-Madonna tune, but I was surprised that her group also sang, “The Greatest Love”…

Today is Eliza’s last day of school, so their Summer Vacation will officially begin.  We’ll walk the Park, stroll the museums, eat some hot dogs and ice cream, and enjoy a free week before we head back to Sonnystone.




One thought on “dispatch from Manhattan

  1. Irish dancing is the best, such athleticism, go Emma go! The pre-K 80’s would have been probably the cutest thing ever!
    Irish drink is far more fun medicinally than any old pain pills – Slainte!! 😀
    Hoping your foot is continuing to heal okay…


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