Week-end Wrap-up

Well, it’s more like a 2-week-end-wrap-up, because I failed to share pictures of Olivia’s 7th birthday party last weekend, May 9.


Then, there’s the freak accident that occurred 3 days ago, as I was walking out of the butcher shop.  I stopped on the doorsill because my phone was ringing.  I thought I’d catch the door with my butt, but instead it was my foot.   The sharp metal bottom of the door sliced open the back of my heel.  It is a family-owned business, and I was real lucky that one of the owners is a retired nurse. I could see white glisteny stuff  when it gapped open, plenty of blood, and generally felt shocky.  She took care of everything, bandaged me up and drove me to the urgent care.  It took 13 stitches to pull it all together and she watched, so I was assured that he put plenty in.  Once the doctor numbed me, I was able to hobble out and drive home.

 When the numb wore off…yiiiiiikkkes.  Ice helped more than the pain meds, but I valiantly drugged myself and stayed down.  Ugh..I am a very impatient patient, but I’ve been seriously afraid that I’ll pull out those stitches.

 It is getting better every day, though.  The stitches need to stay in for 2 weeks.  I’m going to buy a new pair of shoes with no back, for sure…my nike slides just don’t match all of my ensembles…

 I think it will be tender for a while.



Because of all that, though, I had to miss Olivia’s Dance Recital…  She has performed her “Mickey Mouse Club” moves for me, but I was so sorry…

Olivia recital 2015


Oh, well, blahblahblarney about how it could be worse, but it could be better.  So I’m working on that, and getting good results.  Make it better where you are, too.


4 thoughts on “Week-end Wrap-up

  1. zipcoffelt

    Olivia is a real cutie. Sorry about your accident, but it seems to be ‘in the air.’ I stabbed my hand with a knife trying to get out an avocado pit and probably should have gone for stitches! Hope you heal soon.

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  2. Olivia is so cute! – That huge open smile! Those bouquets, Woohoo Olivia!
    Grandchildren are the best!

    Whew, that gash is horrendous and it looks like it is in a difficult spot – wishing you a full and speedy recovery… you are obviously meant to rest right now, take advantage of it – and allow yourself time to heal … Us ladies have a tendency to push through the pain 😦

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