I’ve missed you…

It’s been a long spell of no-blogging, and so much has happened.

I’ve been sick, unable to work at my nurse job.  At first, I thought a couple of weeks, some new meds, and some rest would whip me back into my usual self.  Unfortunately, my illness has worsened, and I won’t be able to return in time to see the 8th-graders graduate.  After 8 years of loving pubolescents, that’s a hard pill to swallow, but I know that my heartfelt hope that they will do well in life has already been expressed.

I started a fundraiser blog for Eric over at the site GoFundMe.  I am impressed at how well they check out the fundraisers and their security policies.  I got it started, but Melissa recently took over the reins, as she is a rather accomplished marketer.  If you are inclined to help them with his medical expenses, look for them at http://www.gofundme.com/Eric-s-Left-Foot or you can just click that link up at the top of this page…see it up there?  While you’re looking around, look over to the right-hand column, at the top:  Melissa has a new blog, and it’s wordpress now.  Check it out–I think you’ll want to follow her.

I still feel somewhat useless, but have begun to clean out our upstairs bedroom and make preparations for Emma and Eliza.  They’ll be with us from about mid-June through July, when we will go to WDW.  The Disney trip was planned way before Eric got sick, also includes the Jrs. (Samantha’s first visit), and I hope Eric’s feeling well enough to go.

In the meantime, I’m mindfully gardening, mindfully cleaning, and mindfully speaking peace and compassion for the whole world.  Here’s a taste of what’s growing here at the Acres:

Really, how can anyone be un-cheered in a garden?

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