Scenes from the Week-end

Lazy blogging tonight…  It was a welcome relief to soak up the sun as we drove down through Kentucky to Tennessee on Saturday.  Temperatures soared into the upper 50’s and we just smiled…

I bought some thyme,  2 basil, pineapple sage, strawberry mint, and a raspberry dianthus to plant, as well as some pussy-willows to grace my dining table (maybe we’ll plant them, too).

The wine festival is always squirreled away in a tiny corner, almost as if the TN Horticulture Society (who sponsor the event) don’t want to acknowledge that there’s alcohol being served.  AS a result, the area is always packed, elbow-to-elbow.  There were 12 TN wineries represented and they were very generously pouring the “tastings” into our commemorative glasses.  I’m a sweet-wine kinda gal, so I bought several fruit wines–peach, blackberry, cherry, and a blueberry–Bonnie Blue.

Winner of the “Best Wine Names” Award was the Pickers Creek Winery:

Three Dog White—dry white wine

Ina-Gadda-Da-Vino–dry red Chambourcin wine

GuitarZin–dry, fruity red Zinfandel


It’s looking hopeful out there!!  In 12 days I’ll be arriving in NYC to spend Spring Break with the Jose’ Family.  We’ve confirmed our reservations at Walt Disney World for the end of July.   Samantha has made her first visit to Sonnystone.

I feel the ice is slowly melting…

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