Week-end Wrap-up

For nearly a week–it seemed like longer– I was trapped inside the House…snow, ice, cold…Casey either working or sleeping…Talking to Myself…Ruminating about aging…    I’m not going to pretend that I’m always okay with the getting older thing.  It’s just mind-boggling, soo many memories, soo many fears, and I try to Not Think about it, but whatcha gonna do with 24/7 downtime?

Well, of course—eat!  The Best Part of this developmental stage is the realization that I will never again diet!  At a certain age, a woman has to choose:  lose weight and look like a shar-pei,   Shar-Pei-Dog-400x282or just stay chubby and smooth-skinned.  While I munched on girl scout cookies and pop-tarts until I waddled, I know it will all even out by mid-Spring.  (Shar-peis are darling, though, so make your own choices)…




I can still spend a lot of $$ when I’m stuck in the abode.  I bought myself a fine birthday:  a Kindle Paperwhite with cover;  a bright-pink robe;  2 books of poems–Robert and Elizabeth Browning, 2 garden books–bird-by-bird, and butterfly garden guide (used);  a couple of Kindle books;  and some finger-puppets (don’t ask).

I’ve needed a dedicated reader for a while.  I had a second-edition kindle reader first, but soon gave it to Michael and bought a Nook.  All of my Nero Wolfe books are on the Nook, as well as a lot of other good reading, but I wanted to get back to Amazon…   I bought a 8.9″ Kindle Fire, and let Melissa take possession of the Nook.  I’ve barely read a book since–sort of an exaggeration, but I’d say my reading was cut in half…  Magazines are great on the tablet, and I was soon reading more of them, but the Big Distraction was Games, the Internets, Facebook, Pinterest…

I”m so happy to be back to a reader.  I immediately read books that had been on my shelf for months, and started a series I’d been meaning to read for maybe years:  The Port William series by Wendell Berry.

A map of the fictional town of Port William

I started with “A Place on Earth”.  I can hardly explain how deeply this book moved me.  It is not a romance.  It does not have a happy ending.  Set at the end of WWII in a small Kentucky town not far from the Ohio River, Mr. Berry writes in such a way that you feel that you are there.  It’s mostly in the voice of the men, and the way he moves around the point-of-view, is just amazing to me.   It is heart-breaking, and I don’t usually like sad books, but the people of Port William are folks that I want to visit, to know better.  I can hardly wait to read the rest of the series.

In all of his work–and there’s a lot of it–Mr. Berry speaks of the land and the farmers’ work on it as a spiritual connection to the cycle of the seasons and the circle of life.  He is not only a poet and author, but he is (first and foremost) a farmer,  environmental activist, and cultural critic, and my current Hero.

As we enter Spring—3 more weeks!!–it seems serendipitous to me that his words are baffling my mind.   I will hold them close as I care for my little plot of earth.

I have several books of his poems…  I leave you with this.

the real work


2 thoughts on “Week-end Wrap-up

  1. I spent a number of years on the prairies so I can certainly relate to your winter topics 😀

    I LOVE the kindle, had one for a few years until I accidentally stepped on it – and plan to replace it. My favorite feature is the text to voice so I can continue “reading” even when tending to others tasks! (And there are hundreds of free kindle e-books, usually classics that are public domain)

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