A foretaste of February…

January, the looonnggesstttt month, is over.  If it hadn’t been for these cheery blooms, I’m sure I would have given in to winter’s doldrums and despair…

But we have survived!!   February’s calendar is full, nearly…

Orchid Escape at Mesker Park Zoo and Botanical Garden…

I’ll be out at the zoo every Sunday this month, volunteering with my fellow Master Gardeners and Zoo docents.  It seemed like a great way to warm up, learning and teaching about orchids.  Our local zoo has recreated the rainforest, surrounding the visitor with plants and animals from the Amazon region, from the river basin to the 45-foot-high treetops, in a climate-controlled 78-degrees.  Orchids will be filling up Amazonia  from February 7-March 8 and I’d love to see as many of you out there as I can…bring the kids, the old folks…just not the dogs.  I’ll be there from 12-4 each Sunday except the 22nd, when I’ll be there from 9-12.  Even if you miss me, you shouldn’t miss the display of orchids brought to you by our local Orchid Society, who are Serious about the species.  I bought a couple phalaenopsis from the grocery store, so I’ll have a modicum of experience to share.



I’ll be playing the organ for my friends at St. Peter UCC on the 15th.  Always a delight.

UE will be presenting “Dancing at Lughnasa” from 2/20 to 3/1, so Cousin Lana, Friend Vicki, and I will be in our usual seats for the 2/22 matinee.  University of Evansville plays are always a good time and this 1992 Tony-award-winning play will be sure to please.

Sister Donna and I will be doing our sing-along at Good Samaritan Nursing Home on the 9th.  That gig always perks us up.

A lovely root canal is in store for me this month.  The 19th sounds like a good day for teeth…

As if that weren’t enough, I’ll celebrate my birthday on the 23rd (hopefully with Nu-Nu).  I’ve been infusing some vodka, and I’ll be sure to share.

That’s your sneak preview.  There are some gaps to fill in, but it sounds promising.  Fill your hearts with warmth, surround yourself with beauty, and I’ll be back to share these events as the month unfolds.


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