Today’s Special

A creature of habit, I no longer have to write down resolutions, I just find myself doing the same old (new) things every year…re-organizing the closets and cabinets, both literally and mentally, sorting through the flotsam and jetsam of the last year, keeping what’s useful and tossing the rest.

calvin-hobbes-new-year-resolution1We’ve pretty much evolved into a seasonal routine, and winter is for upping the trips to the gym, cooking healthy, cozying up with a book, writing, and reflecting.  The birds must be fed, the gardens planned, and this February we’ll greet our new grand-daughter.

But right Now is perfectly fine; in fact, it’s just Enough..!  Each morning, I resolve to Enjoy Today…

calvin and hobbes new year 1

Enjoy Every Day of 2015, dear Readers!

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