Year-end Wrap-up…2014

It’s been a great year here at Sonnystone Acres.  Looking back is always bittersweet, counting our losses as well as our blessings.  I have chosen to only blog the Good parts of my life.  Don’t think I don’t have bad times, as well.  I just choose to not give power to trouble  Of course, it takes a lotlotlot of prayer to keep my thoughts under control.  I hope that my writing has helped you, dear readers, to reflect on your Good Life and that you will always have strength to overcome any fears that arise.

In January, I started Yoga…  It didn’t take, though.  We were interminably frozen, and it did help keep me warm…


until February, when I feasted on infused vodkas every Friday.  That took…


March found me welcoming Spring in NYC…definitely thawing, though a pinched nerve in my butt nearly stole my joy.




While I was in NYC, Casey remodeled our entryway/bedroom…life-changing…

In late April, I underwent surgery;  a giant ovarian cyst, as well as my ovaries and a lot of adhesions, came out.  I’ve been feeling much better ever since.



I spent most of May recovering, but got back to school in time to tell my graduates hasta la vista.


June was spent screening in the front porch…another life-changer for the property…



A tradition is born… In July we hosted the first Annual Camp Sonnystone…


In August, we went back to school and I worked 7-days-a-week- there and at the track.


By September, I was dragging ass, so what better time to pull out all my junk and have a rummage sale?

ready to go
ready to go

October is all about pumpkins…


and we topped it off with a daytrip to Nashville, IN…


I made it through November without once looking at TV news coverage!  My Peace deepened and my gratitude grew.



December was over-the-top:  Surprise birthday party for daughter’s #40;


Rockettes times two and visiting Santa with the sweetest girls in my world…

Topped off by a Quiet Walk in the Smoky Mountains on Christmas Day…

I’ve got the hoppin’ john cooking, the champagne chilling, the music playing, ready for tonight’s festivities.  I’ll toast in the New Year early, since we never make it to midnight, and look forward…

Peace, brothers and sisters…

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