I have that horrible cold that Casey brought home…  Whining about my headache, the snot flowing freely from one nostril as the other is plugged with tissue, I’ve spent the last day on the couch.  Casey’s snoring was sooo bad last night, that I quickly surrendered the bed to him.

I wouldn’t want anyone to catch this affliction, so I’m glad we’ve already taken care of the Other People this season. Which reminds me:  I had a wonderful, laugh-filled lunch with my sister on Monday (before the cold got bad) and I promised I’d share a photo with you.

Sisters…sisters….there were never such devoted sisters….

Because I called in sick yesterday, I’ve got to brave the Christmas Eve traffic for groceries and last-minute gifts for Casey. (I hope I convinced him that we weren’t getting anything for each other this year…you know, like I have for the last 36**)  I’ve got a pork roast in the crockpot, cooking down into some BBQ for tonight’s dinner.  I’m going to make another batch of snickerdoodles to eat on the drive to the Smoky Mountains in the morning.  No rhinovirus can stop our holiday…I think…

I hope you’re enjoying your Christmas Eve celebrations, dear friends.   Peace on Earth.  

**He has convinced me, for many years, that he really didn’t get me anything.  It takes me a while to catch on to his little tricks, but this year I will have something for him.




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