Week-End Wrap-up

What can I say?  Snow Day on Monday…It was a heavy snow that buried my pampas grass.  By Saturday, we were back to Autumn and they had bounded back up,  their feathers flying proudly.  There’s a lesson there, but it’s  hard to learn.  I don’t like the aggressive weather we’ve had in recent years and think more and more about retiring to a more temperate clime…wherever that is…

In the News

This year’s Thanksgiving holiday is the lull before the storm before the lull…  We don’t have a strong tradition for this particular holiday.  2014 finds the Jose’ fam feis-ing and the Jrs. will have a brunch and nap here before spending the evening with Jessica’s grandma.

We’ll be pulling out our Christmas decor…always a treat.

Since I can’t get too inspired with the current jet-stream, I’ll just keep ya’ll on an Alert System:  if anything interesting happens, you’ll be the first to know…




2 thoughts on “Week-End Wrap-up

  1. zipcoffelt

    The weather is crazy scary. Hope it’s a fluke and starts to moderate. Have a wonderful holiday and a happy time with those Christmas decorations!


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