Flea Market Fotos

Autumn was at its best this week-end with beaming sunshine, blue skies, and temperate temperatures.

Saturday morning we picked up Olivia and visited the Antique and Collectibles show at the 4H.


Not pictured:  I picked up 4 Barbies $1 each, because a girl can’t have too many Barbies.  I let Olivia take one home with her and kept the other 3 for myself…yes, myself…sort of.

Hope you’re enjoying Autumn in your neck of the woods!

Photos from the Daytrip

Saturday, Nashville, IN

Bean Blossom Covered Bridge

While strolling through the shops, we came across Reliable Vintage and a fella named E.R. Spiegel. He is third generation owner of the shop and specializes in photography, fine cameras, and “antique curiosities”. He noticed my camera and launched into a tutorial, ending up selling me a polarizing filter. The purpose of such a lens is to change the way the camera sees light, so that there is more vibrancy in the colors. It’s still a little early for the leaves to have changed colors much, but I got a few experimental shots.

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It’s subtle, but I think it’s going to be fun to work with it, especially as Autumn colors peak here at Sonnystone.

Hope your week-end was fun!

shiftless (week-end wrap-up)

My to-do list for the week-end was full…and I did manage to get cross off everything except the outside-of-the-house stuff…meaning that I didn’t get off the property much.  There was a trip to the pumpkin store and I popped into the grocery.  I cleaned like a little scrubby-Dutch woman, sneezing the dust away as I went, and cooked up some soups (tomato/basil and grilled cheese;  hearty vegetable)…also read some Eudora Welty and Flannery O’Connor short stories, wishing I could write like that.

I did take some pictures, lucky you…


This is a 4-day work-week, giving us a 3-day “Fall Break”—hahaha!   It’s the week that we Celebrate Grease and Embrace Obesity (it’s all about that bass) here in E-‘ville in our never-ending quest to stay on top of the fattest-city competition:  WestSide Nut Club’s Fall Festival!!!  I usually skip that, but you never know.  Casey and I have been planning a get-away to the mountains, but the weather looks shit-esque, and right now that’s on hold; I have seen the Appalachians in fog many, many times already.

I’ll let you know where we end up.  Till then, Happy Monday!