Brief Update

The Big News here at Sonnystone is that we are preparing for a Rummage Sale!  Tag Sale, Garage Sale, Yard Sale, Porch Sale…call it what you wish.  My head has been pounding from the dust, but it will be worth it to clear out some of this excess.  Casey gets obsessed and soon  attics and cellars are spewing stuff that I never knew we had, or thought we’d gotten rid of long ago…  I’ve been through the attic, but I need to sort through my closet and garden shed this week.  I give clothes to charity, so this is mostly home decorative and man stuff, a few CD’s and books.   Olivia will be over early to help us, so I know you’ll want to come on by this Saturday starting at 7:00 or so…but for Pete’s Sake, don’t park in the middle of the drive…


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