Where were You?

It hasn’t gotten any easier to get through this day.  I call Melissa and urge her to be careful, stay safe;  I relive that moment when my friend met me at the door of my office telling me some planes had just crashed into the Twin Towers.  I remember driving in that limousine just weeks before, peeking up at the Towers and feeling the thrill of being American in America.  I remember running to the phone and my daughter’s crying voice answering, “Another plane just hit, Mom!”  I remember my stunned sadness, my shock;  how I wanted to be able to pluck her up from the city and hold her, and my grief for the people in the horrible images that shone across the TV all day. The tears fall, the prayers go up.  It hasn’t gotten any easier, but I remember…I will always remember…


Peace.  Love.  Respect.

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