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images of the week-end

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Because I’m too tired to write…

The Rummage Sale….


UE musical:  “The Wild Party”…



Celebrating Mrs. Oglesby’s 88th birthday…  

mrs.O 9-28-14


My dear friend Luann is in town to visit with her mom—and pick up several boxes of her stuff from my attic—so I have to get some rest.   It’s just started to rain and my eyelids are getting heavy.  Hope your week-end was great, too!

Brief Update

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The Big News here at Sonnystone is that we are preparing for a Rummage Sale!  Tag Sale, Garage Sale, Yard Sale, Porch Sale…call it what you wish.  My head has been pounding from the dust, but it will be worth it to clear out some of this excess.  Casey gets obsessed and soon  attics and cellars are spewing stuff that I never knew we had, or thought we’d gotten rid of long ago…  I’ve been through the attic, but I need to sort through my closet and garden shed this week.  I give clothes to charity, so this is mostly home decorative and man stuff, a few CD’s and books.   Olivia will be over early to help us, so I know you’ll want to come on by this Saturday starting at 7:00 or so…but for Pete’s Sake, don’t park in the middle of the drive…


Where were You?

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It hasn’t gotten any easier to get through this day.  I call Melissa and urge her to be careful, stay safe;  I relive that moment when my friend met me at the door of my office telling me some planes had just crashed into the Twin Towers.  I remember driving in that limousine just weeks before, peeking up at the Towers and feeling the thrill of being American in America.  I remember running to the phone and my daughter’s crying voice answering, “Another plane just hit, Mom!”  I remember my stunned sadness, my shock;  how I wanted to be able to pluck her up from the city and hold her, and my grief for the people in the horrible images that shone across the TV all day. The tears fall, the prayers go up.  It hasn’t gotten any easier, but I remember…I will always remember…


Peace.  Love.  Respect.

Photo Finish

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Monday at around 5pm I locked it up and packed it out of the First Aid Station.  It was a weird week-end, and a long one.  The races had been cancelled 2 weeks prior and it was looking bad on Sunday as the jockeys mounted ponies (not the horses, the ponies that the outriders ride) and checked out the standing water.  The park was packed with more people than had visited in 2 years and a lot of $$ was on the line, so we all breathed a sigh of relief as the horses came into the paddock after a 40-minute delay.  It turned out okay, though, as the track conditions moved from sloppy to muddy by the last race.   I did a little match-making, hooking up the wt. clerk with a gal he hadn’t seen since high school;  took some pictures;  actually had to work a little as the oppressively humid heat took a few patrons down.  Walking out on Monday, I told my guys in Security, “Before I return next year, you need to review the policy on sexual harassment.”  Boss-guy replied in true KY style, “Why? Ain’t you gittin’ harrassed enough?”

It’s just like the carnival…full of colorful characters, excitement, and drama and comedy.  The racing office personnel and stewards, the Horsemen, owners, trainers,  the jockeys and their agents, have all moved to Churchill Downs where a Live season starts this Saturday.  I’m invited to visit them there, or at their next stop at Keeneland in October, but right now I don’t want to watch another horse-race for love or money.  Sick. Of.  It.   I don’t know if I’ll go back next year, but, as one co-worker noted, “It’s like childbirth.  The next day you say you’ll never go through it again, but a year later you’ve forgotten the pain and ready to go.”

Last Race, Ellis Park, 2014  

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So, I’ve got a while to think about it.  If I go back, it will be because I miss the great people I work with…

Or maybe it’s because I’m a carny at heart…




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