3 more days…

After the kids have come and gone,  I always feel a little blue.   Last week was a bit slow-motion, but I’m revving up now for the First Day of School.  It is my custom to go back to the building on the day of 6th-grade Open House, set up my office and try to mooch as many free meals as the PTA can possibly provide.  I get to take a gander at the new crop of kids and see what sort of challenges they’ll offer.  This year the open house is on Thursday and our nurses meeting is on Friday–another free lunch!!!  We’ll be munching as we’re being lectured on head lice and vaccines…nice…

Let’s not rush through the Now, though…I have 3 more days of vacation.  Even though my to-do list is legal-pad length, I just might do something else…

loud music

why not

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