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Day 18 of 29

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11 more days of every-day workworkwork.  I’m tired.  But I’m past the half-way mark and I think I’m going to make it.

Not much else to say, other than to complain about the heat…and here’s just a tidbit of advice, especially if I have to see you walking into the track…


Have a happy Monday, friends.

Wedding Anniversary Edition

In Special Edition on August 17, 2014 at 9:27 am

We celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary on Friday.  Well, celebrated is a bit of  a stretch:  Casey brought me a beautiful bouquet of roses and I brought him a bottle of Jack Daniels.


We sat out on the porch swing, sipping the Jack and walking down Memory Lane.  Our wedding, though, was hardly our high point.  Our marriage, 34 years of hanging in and hanging on, 34 years of laughing and loving, 34 years of growing and morphing into the couple that we are…that was the topic of conversation.  It’s a wonderful thing, this long-term commitment that is occasionally grim determination, and I marvel that we have come this far.

Our personalities have little in common—he thinks math, I think words.  In the early years, especially, I longed for him to “understand me” (though I certainly didn’t understand him).  I’m a little emotional (ya think?), with some mental health issues that occasionally over-ride my good sense;  he’s very logical and always clear-thinking.   Over time, those opposites blended, so that we are all that we need;  our mutual introversion and love of home has bonded the relationship into the solid rock you see today.

Of course, that’s what you see, and there’s always another side to marriage.  We expect so much of each other and sometimes the results just aren’t what we had hoped for.  We get angry and hurt and we argue the same arguments over and over.    Somehow, we have managed to pull it all back together when that happens and the result is a stronger love, robust friendship, and great hope for another 34 years…or so.

On our 30th anniversary, we went to see Garrison Keillor’s Summer Love Tour.  It was the usual hot, August day (unlike this year) and the show was in a lovely amphitheater.  We actually danced—though he mostly stands still and twirls and dips me–and one of my favorite memories is swaying and singing along to this song…

(grab your sweetie and sway along)

Hallelujah!  Amen!


First-day-of-School Edition

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I can never sleep the night before the first day of school…I lay out my clothes on the chest-of-drawers, set the alarm and close my eyes, but end up checking the clock every hour, feeling more and more nauseous as I watch the hours tick by…


 Not Really…

Still, it’s a big deal to the kids.  Our middle schools are 6th, 7th, 8th…  The difference between 6th and 8th is remarkable, astounding, weird, and scarey.  Kids grow so much during these years, ( from 11 to 14 or so),  physically, emotionally, mentally.  We’ve all been there and all of us remember the confusion and occasional triumph…



As your friendly, helpful, always vigilant, School Nurse, here’s the best advice I have…for now…



May we all have a Great School Year…Teachers, Administrators, Nurses, Secretaries, Bus Drivers, Custodians, Cafeteria Ladies…oh, yes—Students, too!!!


3 more days…

In Sonnystone Summer Spectacular on August 4, 2014 at 8:34 am

After the kids have come and gone,  I always feel a little blue.   Last week was a bit slow-motion, but I’m revving up now for the First Day of School.  It is my custom to go back to the building on the day of 6th-grade Open House, set up my office and try to mooch as many free meals as the PTA can possibly provide.  I get to take a gander at the new crop of kids and see what sort of challenges they’ll offer.  This year the open house is on Thursday and our nurses meeting is on Friday–another free lunch!!!  We’ll be munching as we’re being lectured on head lice and vaccines…nice…

Let’s not rush through the Now, though…I have 3 more days of vacation.  Even though my to-do list is legal-pad length, I just might do something else…

loud music

why not

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