Camp Sonnystone Yearbook


Camp Sonnystone, 2014 was a rousing success!!  We started each morning with our Theme Song…

Welcome!  I say welcome!  Welcome to Camp Sonnystone!  PawPaw is our leader.  His assistant’s JoJo.  Step right up and see the show!  Let’s Go!

We painted birdhouses, canvases, plaster monkeys;  made suncatchers and planted zinnias.  We went to the zoo, rode in PawPaw’s tractor, swam in the pool, played musical instruments, marched, and had several spontaneous dance parties.  Camp wrapped up on Friday night with a campout-sleepover…

I apologize for the quality of these pictures;  Me and my Nikon have been broken up for a while and we’re just now coming to an agreement about our relationship, so I won’t blame the camera completely.







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