I am reveling in this time with my grand-daughters so much that I’ve not taken many pictures.  Instead, I’m  trying to embed the memories into whatever gray cells are still functioning in my old brain, being right here right now.  Still, there’s this nagging voice saying:  Blog this…   Here’s what I’ve got:


July 8

July 9

Cousins Day


The Original Cousins
The Original Cousins
Bob & Ruby would be so proud...
Bob & Ruby would be so proud…


July 10

Melissa will take off early tomorrow morning to stay a few days in Indianapolis and for Emma to compete in a Feis (Irish Dance Competition) while I head back to the track for more Live Racing.  They’ll return Monday and we’ll have 11 straight days of festivities.  We’ll be in touch so we can see as many of you as we can.  Till then…