Just a quick check-in

Every Friday Olivia and I have been hitting the rummage sales—okay, I call them rummage sales, you call them garage sales, some people call them yard sales, and when I was really little my mom called it bummin’.   She brings her purse, has to have Something from each sale and I’m trying to teach her a little about money management…hahaha.   One week she immediately grabbed up a rock-em-sock-em robot game, and was gonna carry it on home.  I said, no, it’s too much money ($2).  She said, but I’ll just give them 25cents…  I wish it always worked like that.  By the way, she did put it down with a little coaxing and found a wonderful Barbie computer for only 50cents.   See?  money management.   Usually we have lunch somewhere after the sales, but today we’re going to pick up some something to bring back to PawPaw and see the construction…

Casey’s been working non-stop on the porch, starting early and pushing on until the sun is on the west side of the house.  It’s going to be put together by the time he goes back to work next week, but there are a million little things to finish up after:  paint and more paint, some trims, the ceiling fan, onandon…

I didn’t get pictures downloaded of day 4’s accomplishment:  doorway on north end.  We had, or I had, a brief panic when our local box stores didn’t have the screening, but I got it ordered Tuesday and FedEx delivered yesterday, thank-you.

Mark your calendars, ladies and gentlemen, for the visit of the E’s…  Emma, Eliza and their mom, Melissa, will be flying into Nashville 7/8.   There’s a feis in Columbus wrapped around a visit to Lola Sonya in Indy 7/11-13, and they’ll be at Sonnystone non-stop from 7/14-7/24.  More details later, but I hope many, many of you can visit.

Gotta go, the good stuff’s gonna be taken….

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