Sonnystone Summer Spectacular

Good morning, Sonnystoners!!  We’re coming to you Live this morning from the back porch here at the Acres, where we are kicking off Summer Vacation 2014!

I’ve only got 72 days of summer this year (wha???  there were 81 days last year), so we’ll have to pack it full of fun and festivities.   We’ve got a new pool to play in;  the garden is already lush and fruiting;  the camper is open and freshly leveled. We’re going to be screening in our front porch in June;  if you react to mosquito bites like I do, you’ll understand what a thrill that will be!    July will again be the month that the New Yorkers will grace us with their presence,  and I’m fishing for some other celebrities to stop by.  There are various fests and concerts around town and we’ll be there.

I wish the energy I feel this morning would last all summer…Jumped out of bed!  You’d think that since I just had so much time off I’d be a little less excited, but I’m darn near 100% now and ready to roll.  I’ve already watered and done laundry, drank some coffee and spent a few minutes swinging.    Our Memorial Day Week-end was very productive and still left us time to relax and get a little sun.   The weather was perfect and we’ve got some of the same on its way the rest of the week.

I’ll be blogging daily, whether here or at the garden blog, so follow me as we Swing through Summer at Sonnystone…

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