Mid-week Missive…

Halfway to Friday, Happy Hump Day…images of the camel dance through our heads.

After starting the steroids on Tuesday, I felt just fine by Friday…maybe a little headache, certainly a lot of muchies, but sooo much better… Of course, I got outside on one of those sunny, 60degree days and sprung the back again.  Okay, though…if I’m going to be laying around on a heating pad, why not have the soundtrack be torrential rain?

I ordered the carpet for the bedroom and when that arrives in a couple of weeks, we’ll be completely done with the remodel.  The pictures really don’t do it justice.  It’s zehr cool to actually have a door to my bedroom.  (It’s the little things)


check out the new pendant lamp in the window seat…


Saturday I’ll be playing piano/organ at the wedding of Kenny Thomas and Amanda Lewis.  Kenny is the son of my good friend, Kristi, and his dad is the late (and legendary)  Chuck “Grady” Thomas.  It will certainly be bittersweet to be a part of their nuptials.  I admire Kristi so much and am so honored to serve;  however, I haven’t practiced piano this much in Years!  It’s a real work-out, as any church musician will attest.    I love the music, though, and have dragged out much more than I’ll need just because…



Take heart:   the day after tomorrow is Friday…I think we’re gonna make it, friends.

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