Back home

As expected, the flight home was painful.  Thanks to icebags pressed to my back and the kindness of strangers, I managed to limp into EVV ontime, glad to see my hubby…

And look what greeted me as I arrived at Sonnystone!


(Wow, something is way off here at wordpress…they have changed the way we insert pictures and/or edit them.  I don’t like it.)

Casey has finished the painting and trim, pulled up carpet and started on the flooring in the mudroom…


(I am at a complete loss as to why they would change the editing program for pictures.  I can’t create a gallery or even re-size my pictures.  I hate this.  )

My back is still painful when I’m sitting, so I’ve paced, stood, and walked as much as possible.  I’ll admit, my bed is more comfortable than Melissa’s couch, but sleeping is still hit and miss.  I may have to call my doctor tomorrow…

Today I’m going to re-pot the happy seedlings.  I hope the weatherman hasn’t lied when he predicted spring temperatures all week.


Thanks to Wink for keeping an eye on the starts…



The Jrs. are supposed to stop by later on, so I’m sure Olivia will help with the plants.   Hope the sun is shining where you are!

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