Leavin’ on a jet plane

It’s my usual SpringBreak trip to Manhattan,  I’m leaving from EVV this trip—are those even jets?    (Debbie De Jong would know)  Anyway, Spring Break is upon us, though we’re expecting a “late March snowstorm” next Tues-Wed…drat and other expletives…   It’s made packing a nightmare, but I finally took out all the sweaters, replaced them with blouses and decided *f it, it’s Spring.

On my agenda:  The Muppets: Most Wanted;  Sunday Family Mass, featuring the children’s choir (directed by Mel, Emma singing);  the MOMA.    Tasks:  cuddle, hug, kiss, hold, laugh, cuddle.   Food is to be determined, but must include Cavatappi’s fried olives.   The shuttle must be ridden to B&N for some coffee and books.  More cuddling, hugs, and laughter.   I’m staying 6 days, longer than usual, because I thought they might Need me, but it turns out the mister is ready and available for tours—Highline?  So who cares about any stinkin’ snow???  I’ll be warm…

I got a new phone the other day, a Samsung III or something like that.  It’s bigger and I may even use it once in a while.  For sure it will be put to use on this trip, as I’m not taking the Nikon.  I’ll be checking in prn.

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