home improvement…

I didn’t get a real “before” picture, dammit…  Imagine a sort of  shotgun-house where you walk through a bedroom to get to the back of the house.  When we first moved in, we lived upstairs, but the bathroom downstairs is closer than up there, and I’m too lazy to take the extra steps in the middle of the night.  It’s always bothered me that we’re so out in the open.  So we’ve built a wall, sort of a 3/4 so that we will still have some air flow…  We planned for weeks, and Casey started on it last week-end…



We’re using a sliding door;  it’s going to create a nice mudroom-type entry from the side door…



There is much, much more to do:  the drywall on the inside of the room has to be mudded and sanded and we’ll put new carpet in there;  we’ll use flooring to match/connect the entry with the kitchen;  everything needs to be painted.   Casey’s going to wait until I’m in NYC to do the drywall…  I sure do love this guy..!



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