The Longest Winter wears on, despite our whimpering and whining.  The gnomes feel the same way we do…


Let’s go back to yesterday and wine instead of Whine.  Casey and I cruised down to the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show/ Wine Festival.  I know it’s going to be a while before we can Really plant anything, but take heart!

I’ve not been too successful at growing orchids, but they always entice me to try…maybe next year?

The wine tasting was tasty…  We got free glass glasses, drank freely from more than a dozen Tennessee wineries, and I must have been buzzed, because I Thought that I bought 3 bottles of wine, but actually came home with some 2 bottles of suspicious-looking ?orange wine and some “kool-aid” to mix with it.  Ah, well, I’ll drink it… The winery area was too crowded to take pictures, so you’ll have to use your imagination…

While we’re worrying that winter will wear us out, think how the birds must feel.  We’ve already used twice as much feed at our feeders this year compared to last…  So don’t forget our feathered friends…


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