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Back home

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As expected, the flight home was painful.  Thanks to icebags pressed to my back and the kindness of strangers, I managed to limp into EVV ontime, glad to see my hubby…

And look what greeted me as I arrived at Sonnystone!


(Wow, something is way off here at wordpress…they have changed the way we insert pictures and/or edit them.  I don’t like it.)

Casey has finished the painting and trim, pulled up carpet and started on the flooring in the mudroom…


(I am at a complete loss as to why they would change the editing program for pictures.  I can’t create a gallery or even re-size my pictures.  I hate this.  )

My back is still painful when I’m sitting, so I’ve paced, stood, and walked as much as possible.  I’ll admit, my bed is more comfortable than Melissa’s couch, but sleeping is still hit and miss.  I may have to call my doctor tomorrow…

Today I’m going to re-pot the happy seedlings.  I hope the weatherman hasn’t lied when he predicted spring temperatures all week.


Thanks to Wink for keeping an eye on the starts…



The Jrs. are supposed to stop by later on, so I’m sure Olivia will help with the plants.   Hope the sun is shining where you are!

A Real Pain in the A**

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Greetings from Gotham!  Having a wonderful time with the grandkids, of course, butt…

Backstory…During the iciest days of February, while climbing out of the van at our local shopping center,   I put out my foot onto a slippery spot of ice and just slid to the ground;  the doorjamb of the mini hit my lower back, my shoulder blade, and I conked  my head before I found myself sprawled, surprised and a little scared, on the ice floe called the parking lot.  After making sure nothing was broken and that I was truly conscious, I pulled myself together and traipsed on.  My back had a small bruise, about the size of a cookie, just to the right of my spine;  my shoulder hurt more than the bruise, and if I had a concussion we’ll just never know.

It was nearly 2 weeks later that I woke in the night with pain that felt like a kidney stone.   The discomfort passed in about an hour, but left me with some residual tenderness in my lower back that intermittently would become severe.  The pain was increasing to excruciating and I thought I might have to cancel my trip, and probably should have, but 1) I’m too cheap; 2) I didn’t want to disappoint; 3) I live by the motto that if I ignore it, surely it will just go away.

The flight here was awful.   I know that my fellow flyers to either side of me were not amused as I constantly shifted and groaned.  I had brought plenty of ibuprofen and even raided my 2-year-old stash of tabs just in case, but by the time I checked into the Jose’ Casa, after a killer taxi ride, I was griping non-stop.  I felt fine when walking, but sitting was out of the question.  Sleeping was fair if I stayed flat on my back, and constant grumbling helped.

Sooo…  There is a doctor at Melissa’s church who does charitable work for the community, and I became a charity case.  I saw him on Monday, but he didn’t have anything to treat me with, so I made arrangements to see him again today.  In the meantime, I ran Eliza all over town;  though I felt slightly out of shape, I didn’t think I was hurting my back…  I was, though.  The pain has worsened, moving into my entire buttock and burning like a whatever burns bad.  Tonight the good doctor gave me 2 injections of lidocaine, no steroid, and told me he hoped it helped.  I can’t tell yet.

Because I can’t sit for very long, I’ve not been able to see the Muppets Most Wanted—bummer– and I’ve mostly hung around the apartment with Melissa and the kids.  I always eat well when I’m here and last night’s margaritas gave me the most relief I’ve had in a week or so.   I am planning to do some extensive walking tomorrow, maybe the MOMA? and definitely Central Park.

I have a new compassion for the many people who have complained to me about their back over the years, but I don’t really want to join the Constant Complainer Club.   I’m stretching and lifting with my knees and all that great physical therapy stuff…  I just hope the flight home doesn’t kill me…





Leavin’ on a jet plane

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It’s my usual SpringBreak trip to Manhattan,  I’m leaving from EVV this trip—are those even jets?    (Debbie De Jong would know)  Anyway, Spring Break is upon us, though we’re expecting a “late March snowstorm” next Tues-Wed…drat and other expletives…   It’s made packing a nightmare, but I finally took out all the sweaters, replaced them with blouses and decided *f it, it’s Spring.

On my agenda:  The Muppets: Most Wanted;  Sunday Family Mass, featuring the children’s choir (directed by Mel, Emma singing);  the MOMA.    Tasks:  cuddle, hug, kiss, hold, laugh, cuddle.   Food is to be determined, but must include Cavatappi’s fried olives.   The shuttle must be ridden to B&N for some coffee and books.  More cuddling, hugs, and laughter.   I’m staying 6 days, longer than usual, because I thought they might Need me, but it turns out the mister is ready and available for tours—Highline?  So who cares about any stinkin’ snow???  I’ll be warm…

I got a new phone the other day, a Samsung III or something like that.  It’s bigger and I may even use it once in a while.  For sure it will be put to use on this trip, as I’m not taking the Nikon.  I’ll be checking in prn.

home improvement…

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I didn’t get a real “before” picture, dammit…  Imagine a sort of  shotgun-house where you walk through a bedroom to get to the back of the house.  When we first moved in, we lived upstairs, but the bathroom downstairs is closer than up there, and I’m too lazy to take the extra steps in the middle of the night.  It’s always bothered me that we’re so out in the open.  So we’ve built a wall, sort of a 3/4 so that we will still have some air flow…  We planned for weeks, and Casey started on it last week-end…



We’re using a sliding door;  it’s going to create a nice mudroom-type entry from the side door…



There is much, much more to do:  the drywall on the inside of the room has to be mudded and sanded and we’ll put new carpet in there;  we’ll use flooring to match/connect the entry with the kitchen;  everything needs to be painted.   Casey’s going to wait until I’m in NYC to do the drywall…  I sure do love this guy..!



laissez les bon temps roulet

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Tomorrow I’m back on the calorie-counting,  treadmill-walking, yoga-posing,  narrow path, wearing my ashes and my serious look…but tonight, Mardi  Gras, there’s decadent hurricanes in the blender, poured into my Pat O’Brien glass and down the hatch…



Turn up the zydeco…start the fais do-do…


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The Longest Winter wears on, despite our whimpering and whining.  The gnomes feel the same way we do…


Let’s go back to yesterday and wine instead of Whine.  Casey and I cruised down to the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show/ Wine Festival.  I know it’s going to be a while before we can Really plant anything, but take heart!

I’ve not been too successful at growing orchids, but they always entice me to try…maybe next year?

The wine tasting was tasty…  We got free glass glasses, drank freely from more than a dozen Tennessee wineries, and I must have been buzzed, because I Thought that I bought 3 bottles of wine, but actually came home with some 2 bottles of suspicious-looking ?orange wine and some “kool-aid” to mix with it.  Ah, well, I’ll drink it… The winery area was too crowded to take pictures, so you’ll have to use your imagination…

While we’re worrying that winter will wear us out, think how the birds must feel.  We’ve already used twice as much feed at our feeders this year compared to last…  So don’t forget our feathered friends…


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