blocked…(and happy birthday, EB)

I am well past my self-imposed deadline for blogging, having promised myself to blog at least once a week.   Once a week sounds so easy, doesn’t it?   As a matter of fact, nearly every day I attempt to write Something, but lately it’s read something like crappycrapola crappetycrap and ends up in the recycle bin.   It’s not Only that there’s very little activity here at the Acres, what with weather spoiling even the humble goal to go to work every morning.  It’s not Just that…but that hasn’t helped.

Fact is, I’m planning some big changes for my blog-life.  Oh, there will be the usual seed-starting over at Growing Every Season, even though last year I SWORE that I would not sacrifice seedlings ever again;  I have a  New Plan that I’m sure will work…pretty sure, anyway.  And yes, February will be festive as I celebrate my birthday for at least a week, possibly longer…    The Big Challenge is to find my Voice over at the Mad Woman, and I have some Great Ideas and Lofty Goals, but nothing to show for it, YET.  You just wait, though…

In the meantime, Today is is Eliza’s Birthday;  she is my 3-year-old New York City granddaughter.


Friday is Emma’s Birthday;  she is my soon-to-be-8-year-old New York City granddaughter.


(Those are the hands of the Hot princesses from Frozen, Anna & Elsa)

 As I’ve been downloading and editing the Disney PhotoPass pictures, I’ve been missing them sooo much.  I called Eliza, created some birthday songs just for her and had a grand conversation.   I’ll catch Emma on Friday, before her party on Saturday, and reiterate my love for her.  I can’t honestly say I wish I were there—it’s too damn cold and snowy—but I Do Wish we were all together.  Why aren’t we made of $$$?  

And so I leave you with a couple of pictures I took today, not much else but some more crapesquecrap.  Hold on, though;  the days are getting longer….only 2 more months until Spring!!!



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