almost the last photos…

The best part of our Disney Vacation was all of us being together.  Disney is great, but without the 9 of us it would be just another product.   I’m working on the follow-up survey and I won’t hesitate to let them hear about the rooms that didn’t connect, or the service at Via Napoli, the Photopass pictures that are not connected to my account,  or even the failure of Fastpass+ that first day.  None of that takes away the fun we have… When we are together, just walking, even with tired feet, becomes an adventure…

I  have today and tomorrow off due to the freezing temperature, but Casey’s been working all night and going back this evening.  I hardly slept last night, up listening to the creaking sounds from the house bracing itself against the frigid winds.   It was kinda scary, and has made me lazy, as well.  I’ll try to finish editing the character shots for tomorrow, then lay off the photos until I get that PhotoPass figured out.

Stay warm…

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