4th Sunday in January, 2014

I started an Intro to Yoga class today.  It was a spontaneous act and I’m not quite sure what brought it on.  I have known my way around the Sun Salute for decades, but not much else.  My time with Rodney Yee was mostly spent admiring his flexibility—is he a contortionist or what?— and neither Denise Austin nor Jane Fonda kept my attention.   I haven’t had a real burning desire to practice Yoga, though I do know that I feel like I’ve had a massage after I do some poses.   So it might have been a targeted ad that caught my attention (well-done, Adman), but at some point Friday I signed up for this class at Evansville Yoga Center.  Both teachers and students seem very nice, and the challenges were just-enough—I’m definitely going to be a little sore tomorrow.   The benefits will be phenomenal, though, so I’ve high hopes.

The Center has recently moved from West Franklin to North Main, near Garvin Park.  On the way home, I drove through the park and noticed a gaggle of geese walking on the ice over the lake.  It was a beautiful day with highs in the 50’s feeling tropical compared with what we’ve come to expect this winter.  I just happened to have my camera and stopped to take some pictures.


Down by the fountain, on the west side of the lake, it was like a waterpark.  They were hanging out, yakking and visiting like they were at the beach.  Funny…

It was so nice that I walked a lap around the park.  The sun was going down as I left.   Shortly after I arrived back at the Acres, I grabbed my camera again to catch the beautiful sunset…


I hope your day was as nice as mine.  If it wasn’t, then maybe tomorrow will be.  Be ready!!


blocked…(and happy birthday, EB)

I am well past my self-imposed deadline for blogging, having promised myself to blog at least once a week.   Once a week sounds so easy, doesn’t it?   As a matter of fact, nearly every day I attempt to write Something, but lately it’s read something like crappycrapola crappetycrap and ends up in the recycle bin.   It’s not Only that there’s very little activity here at the Acres, what with weather spoiling even the humble goal to go to work every morning.  It’s not Just that…but that hasn’t helped.

Fact is, I’m planning some big changes for my blog-life.  Oh, there will be the usual seed-starting over at Growing Every Season, even though last year I SWORE that I would not sacrifice seedlings ever again;  I have a  New Plan that I’m sure will work…pretty sure, anyway.  And yes, February will be festive as I celebrate my birthday for at least a week, possibly longer…    The Big Challenge is to find my Voice over at the Mad Woman, and I have some Great Ideas and Lofty Goals, but nothing to show for it, YET.  You just wait, though…

In the meantime, Today is is Eliza’s Birthday;  she is my 3-year-old New York City granddaughter.


Friday is Emma’s Birthday;  she is my soon-to-be-8-year-old New York City granddaughter.


(Those are the hands of the Hot princesses from Frozen, Anna & Elsa)

 As I’ve been downloading and editing the Disney PhotoPass pictures, I’ve been missing them sooo much.  I called Eliza, created some birthday songs just for her and had a grand conversation.   I’ll catch Emma on Friday, before her party on Saturday, and reiterate my love for her.  I can’t honestly say I wish I were there—it’s too damn cold and snowy—but I Do Wish we were all together.  Why aren’t we made of $$$?  

And so I leave you with a couple of pictures I took today, not much else but some more crapesquecrap.  Hold on, though;  the days are getting longer….only 2 more months until Spring!!!



Golden Globes

Though I haven’t seen a movie on the Big Screen since 2006 and despite the fact that I am always a season behind on the trending TV shows, I Really love the Golden Globe awards.  I get to see what all these “new” people look like, catch up on what all the “old” people look like, and pick up on the latest cultural references.

I am often turned off by the hype, as it is my nature to be skeptical of what the masses embrace; however, Hollywood is full of  brilliant  talent, whether or not I approve of its marketing or salaries.  You should be watching…


This WDW trip I bought the Photopass Archive Disc.  There are photographers stationed throughout the parks, especially in popular spots in front of the castle, spaceship earth, etc. who will take your picture and add it to your account.  Then you claim the pictures later and print what you like.  I was thinking it would allow me to get more pictures of the Entire Family, including the family photographers..!  Okay, so far, and we did get some of those family pictures…but.. 1) they’re not All good.  the photographers are often rushed and there are lines for the pictures.  2)  editing the pictures for download onto the disc is a pain-in-the-ass, requiring some cussing and threatening…   As a result, it’s taking me a lot longer to prepare the pictures for download.  I should have those done by this week-end, I hope.  In the meantime, here are the last I”ll post of my pictures.  I did rely heavily on the Disney photographers (and my kids) for these character shots, so I don’t have many.  Eliza, who loved all the characters when we visited in 2012, was hot and cold this year.  She would often get real excited, then at the last minute refuse to pose.  Even the all-family shots are often of Eliza’s back…  That’s okay, though.  We’ll tease her about it when she gets older..!

As I work on the editing, I still feel the magic of our Family-ness…  Did I mention we’re planning our return trip already?  Spring, 2015, we’ll be back.  Until then, we have such wonderful memories, terrific pictures, and a whole lot of dreams…

It would be nice to be Tinkerbelle…But then, being a Jo-Jo is even better!


almost the last photos…

The best part of our Disney Vacation was all of us being together.  Disney is great, but without the 9 of us it would be just another product.   I’m working on the follow-up survey and I won’t hesitate to let them hear about the rooms that didn’t connect, or the service at Via Napoli, the Photopass pictures that are not connected to my account,  or even the failure of Fastpass+ that first day.  None of that takes away the fun we have… When we are together, just walking, even with tired feet, becomes an adventure…

I  have today and tomorrow off due to the freezing temperature, but Casey’s been working all night and going back this evening.  I hardly slept last night, up listening to the creaking sounds from the house bracing itself against the frigid winds.   It was kinda scary, and has made me lazy, as well.  I’ll try to finish editing the character shots for tomorrow, then lay off the photos until I get that PhotoPass figured out.

Stay warm…

in-line, on-line…

The crowds were quite crowd-y at Disney…the days between Christmas and New Year are the busiest with estimated attendance 130,000 at all four parks, about 1/3 of that number at Magic Kingdom.  Humanity can be kinda crushing at times and the lines get long.  True to form, Disney makes standing on queue an adventure:

On line to meet Buzz and Woody

It wasn’t a super-long line, but there was enough time to do a lot of posing…

and even some running around…

We all love people-watching when we’re at TheWorld.  People-listening is nearly as fun.  Who can forget the snotty little brat that stood behind us?

And in this line for

Toy Story Mania

there was a toddler-type (not ours) intermittently screaming like a banshee:


The guy standing out in front of the Small World line was barking like Billy Bigelow, “worst line in the park, don’t stop here” or words to that effect;  in reality, it is Always a very quick line. That’s the kind of stuff we professional disney-e(a)rs know;  and we know where the characters are, too.  More later.

picture post

Back home, back to work, but still a little emotional about our trip.  I don’t know why this one is getting to me, but tears are just below the surface, sometimes overflowing, as I edit the photos.  My attempts to organize  them resulted in an almost-hour of trying to unlock them so wordpress would publish them…  As a result, I’ve spent most of the morning just trying to post these few…maybe those are tears of frustration???

First stop:  Teacups
3 from the carousel…

As our midwestern burgh attempts to keep up with the northeast, we’re expecting 6+ inches of snow tomorrow…so I’m going to get out in this sunshine before I’m trapped inside the house again.    I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to share with you then.