Counting down to Christmas: Solstice edition

Did you get to enjoy the Full Cold Moon on the 17th-18th?  The skies were clear here at Sonnystone and the moon was Huge, its light a wonder, blue-white, reflected by a layer of snow still covering the gardens and grass.

The snow is all gone now, rained out by flooding waters.  As the moon wanes, the color is now mud-gray…  Not pretty, but there’s still something to celebrate!  We begin Winter and the promise of a little bit more sun-time every day.  The word solstice comes from the Latin words for “sun” and “to stand still”.  Evidently the star-gazers have observed this phenomena ever since they started gazing, but the sun is Really moving ever so slightly north during these days, increasing our daylight hours.  It must have been a pretty important day to the Ancient Astronomers, because they sure built some interesting structures to catch that returning light…


It’s hard to feel too bright about  all this on a gray day like today…as Steve Martin said, ” A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.”   

But I’ve still got the Christmas spirit, kids.  We finished up at school in festive fashion, lots of candy, cookies, cakes and hugs.  The home-baked goodies are worth the calories!  Sister Donna and I are meeting up at Trinity UMC for candlelight “Messiah”.


But I’m mostly obsessed with my Disney trip now.  I Love the “My Disney Experience” .  If you remember, the WDW folks are testing out some new stuff with our family.  It’s mostly the use of wristbands, access to FastPasses before we arrive, and mobile programs to help guide us through the park same-day.    The “My Disney Experience”, hereafter called MDE, allows me to plan to a degree satisfies my deep need to control.  We pick a Disney character to “be” and I am convinced that I Really am Mrs. Incredible…

Just another selfie…

I need to bring myself back to today…and Christmas…but Santa has a lot of competition from Mickey this year!

5 more days until WDW!!!

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