Counting down, #10

Our Christmases seem to change every year and since the grandchildren have arrived, there’s been no clear-cut tradition for my family.  I have tried (successfully), to go along with whatever circumstances may arise.  Melissa’s job as a church musician means that she must always be in NYC for Advent and the Big Day.   Both her children were born in January, so those years she was unable to travel to Indiana at all.  Every other year Michael’s in-laws take over the holiday, so Casey and I have learned to just plan another time or occasion to celebrate with our kids.     We send along gifts  to be wrapped and placed under the tree for the grandkids, so we’re there in spirit; then  find someplace to go or something else to do on Christmas…and it’s…okay.

This year, however, is the first year I haven’t actually put up a Christmas tree.  As you probably noticed, I’ve decorated the mantels and put out the Mr&Mrs collection.  There’s a lit Santa Claus on the front porch and a large wreath hanging from the top window.   The ceramic Christmas tree that my mother made for me, along with her little town display is also displayed, and I’ve brought out all of my Christmas piano music.  But no tree…and it’s…weird, but okay.

The season is marching on.   The snow is melting, so we’re making up for lost time at the mall and the restaurants.  I met up with Sister Donna at Barnes and Noble yesterday and we exchanged gifts, kinda.  We’ll finish up sometime this week, though, and I’ll take some pictures.  Today was the children’s service at church;  Olivia placed the “unity” on the star…


5 more days of school, yee-haw!!  I have tickets for “Messiah” on Saturday.  Next Sunday we’ll open a few presents with the Jrs.  That will conclude the Sonnystone portion of our Holiday Season…

I’ll be trying my best to report in Real Time.  Until later…


11 more days until WDW!!!

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