me, myself, and I

I am a leetle stir-crazy…just a smallish touch of cabin-fever secondary to aloneness.   Earlier, while yelling at the TV, I realized I had lost it and went back to talking to myself, only to discover I was incoherent.     Stirred up a batch of oatmeal cookies, thinking I could control myself…bwaa-haahaa..   Licked the beaters, my fingers, the tablespoon, and the bowl…also ate a dozen of them after baking…   Please let me get out of the house SOON!!!     

Crazier yet, and kinda creepy…here are some self-portraits…

I am seriously serious about my mind-loss.  I started snapping pics of the decorations, as well…



And the piano…

And you should have seen the ones I deleted…   Well, maybe not.


I just hope that predicted ice-storm is a no-show…

19 days until WDW!!!

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