Snow Day…

Ugh, the weather outside is frightful…

And the fire, though cozy, is not Really delightful…

005Though I”ve no place to go, I still don’t like the snow…   I could easily live without it, as I’ve told you every year.   A little smattering would be fine, but 6+ inches on top of an inch of ice is not my idea of fun.  Casey’s out plowing the roads and I’m a little lonely.  Funny how happy memories can make me sad…

But just in case you actually Like snow, or think you do because you live in a warmer clime, here’s some pretty pictures…



I wish You were here in the warm with me, singing around the piano, drinking a cup of hot chocolate or Irish coffee…


Brightest spot of the day:  Finishing up my Christmas shopping, starting on my Christmas cards…and best yet:

20 days until WDW !!!

Put on your mittens, kids, or your fingers will fall off…seriously…


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