Geez, it seems early for this, and especially since yesterday it was 70degrees.   We’ve had plenty of notice, so our obese little town has stocked their pantries, ready for some days off of school and/or work.   Not so with the Highwaymen, who will be working 16-hour days, no doubt…

Stay safe, friends…


2 thoughts on “Rain+sleet+ice+snow

  1. Ali

    Okay, so i have been on a 10 week Facebook, only getting on my own wall if i need to communicate, so i am out of the loop. Today, though, i have been catching up on 2 months of your blog, and giggling as i sit here reading. your writing cracks me up, and i love to read it. As i read it, i can hear your voice saying it in your witty way. love the ‘obese little town stocking our pantry’s’ and ‘its a crazy life we lead’. Your tribute to your FIL was also very nice 🙂 Love.


    1. Why, thank-you very much, Ali! Hey, anybody up for some sledding at Sonnystone once the weather lets up and the driveway is cleared? Stay in touch…you may have to bring your own hot chocolate (I’ll heat it), but I’d love to see you guys.


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