O, give thanks…

Hope you’re having a great day…


I’ve been fascinated by the merging of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, pondering the astrological message, wondering if I really should cook my turkey in Manischewitz wine,  with Adam Sandler stuck in my head singing, “Put on your yarmulke!  It’s time for Hanukkah!”   It’s just Casey and me this year, though, so I went decidedly un-kosher with a sausage/hashbrown breakfast casserole…

Nearly as fascinating has been watching the annual facebook phenomena of “daily thanks”.   I know, I know, I sound so unthankful to mention it, but often they start out strong, running through the deep tributes to their family and friends in the first days, so that  2 weeks in, they’re thankful for doorknobs and velcro…

The exercise of daily thanks is commendable though, and I am grateful every morning when I wake up…for all the deep stuff like you and You and even YOU, as well as the lame stuff like sperrys and make-up…and especially for finally getting the Adam Sandler loop out of my head, replacing it with…

With Your feast You feed us,  With Your Light now lead us,

Unite us as one in this life that we share…

(Thank-you very much for reading my blog…)

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