The Trip, abridged…

I love New York City in autumn.   It’s such fun to stroll through Central Park, crowd-watching and listening to jazz while still getting your nature-fix…

Or to visit the Whitney and the unique Robert Indiana exhibit…

Times Square, Broadway Shows, the Rockettes, The Freedom Tower, Lady’s all there  waiting for you….

If you’re lucky enough, you have a daughter who sings with the NYC Philharmonic Chorus and she gets you a really hot ticket that you could have sold for a profit but you keep it and feel your soul stir as you listen to Bach, Handel, and Mozart’s Requiem….

And all of that is a certainly a wonderful reason to visit New York City in autumn…

But for me, the Big Attraction of the Big Apple,  the stars of my visit are these little girls:

This Family…


Thanks, Jose’ Fam…See ya real soon at WDW…  (don’t forget to activate your wrist-band)…


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