Finding the time…

I experience the “fall back” time change as a loss.  True, it’s somewhat easier to drag-ass out of bed, but I prefer the light at the end of the day.   As I’m getting ready to visit NYC for a couple of days, I miss that hour acutely.   Pressure to wrap everything up at work and around the house is building,   I’m watching the weather to determine what to wear.   It’s just 4 days, so  how difficult can packing  be?


It’s not so bad, but it leaves little time for blogging.   I hope you understand.

Here’s the plan:  Drive to Nashville Thursday right after work, catch 6:30 flight, ARR Laguardia 9:30.   I should be hugging grandgirls by 10p.

Melissa will be rehearsing and/or singing most of the first 3 days…almost like it’s a job or something…  Eric has stayed home to corral the kids for the week and will be my guide.  It’s been a while since I’ve been on tour with the big E and I’m very excited.  We will strive to remain upright.

I’ll stay in touch, definitely will be checking in on fb, and thinking of you often…


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