Cousin Lana and I were pleased with “Ghost Brothers of Darkland County” last Thursday night.  I was skeptical going in, but it was very enjoyable.   I ran into Motz and Middle, the dynamic duo that taught my kids at Thompkins;  they were wearing their matching tuxes, ushering the crowds to their seats.  (retirement looks good on those two)

I met up with some high-school friends the other night, and made a new friend…  It had been 20 years since I’d visited with Nancy, and Martha and I just renewed our friendship in person last August…   I’m not sure how I hadn’t met Nancy’s sister, Cindy, before…she seemed like someone I’ve known forever.  We had a great time!  I hope we can go out again, soon-ish, and maybe I could stay up past midnight next time…

Nancy, me, Martha, Cindy


We met up at the Bokeh Lounge, a place I’ve been meaning to visit.  The music was Opal Fly and the saxophone player was Roy Conner…


After talking through a session there, we went down to Boogie Nights, a Disco where Cindy’s kids work.  I didn’t feel old…much…

Our furnace is broken…oh, well, I was wondering what to do with my money.   It’s turned cool, but we ought to be able to just cuddle for warmth until the professionals can make a housecall.

Stay warm…



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