okay, seriously..,

It feels to me that the school-year should be about half-way finished… I thought August would never end, but September has lasted so long I thought I was going to have to ambulance it in for emergency medical treatment.   I lost 2 week-ends to illness, so my weeks have been full, but I feel like I’ve forgotten something—-oh, yeah, I forgot to have fun.   It’s been too much housework and yard chores and not enough loud music and laugh-dancing.  We’re going to make up for it in October…

Ahhh, October!!  Doesn’t that just sound like pumpkins?  And campfires?  And spooks?  We’re planning Spook Walk II for the 26th, but before then we’ll take a little trip…

I did Not buy a new camera.  It seems that the lens I bought wouldn’t have worked on the one I planned to buy, so I returned it to Amazon, never mind.

I did Not fix my hair.  I’m afraid it will fall out.  In the meantime, I’m taking it as some lesson to be learned, not sure which one:  a) Communicate!!  People cannot Read Your Mind!  b) Make up Your Mind!  c) Who cares?

On that note, I must sign off.  It’s the last day of September, 2013.  I’ll start again tomorrow…it’s Oktoberfest…



P.s.  If you are snickering about the position of the 2 scarecrows at the top of the page…well, you are just sick…   (Have a great day, anyway)

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