another week done gone

Tuesday was my older sister’s birthday…she’s the pretty one, I’m the smart one—or is it the other way around?  Actually, we look more alike every year and our IQ’s are within 1 point of one another’s;  she IS the good one, though…goody-goody-two-shoes.   I love her dearly, more than ever since we wised up…  We had lunch down on Franklin St. at Smitty’s on Wednesday…


I’m beginning to get caught up with the lists I had to forego during my illnesses…so I made an appointment to get a haircut/color and such for Thursday.  I am, as usual, making excuses for my hairdresser completely misunderstanding my request:  I said, “remember, I don’t want it tooo blonde…sort of caramel, like yours”.  She gave me hair that is exactly her color—a light brown with very few caramel highlights.   I called to get it blonded up on Saturday, but decided that I should stop and take a breath.   Maybe it Is my fault that I end up with bad cuts and weird colors when I keep going to hairdressers that are just out of beauty school..


I’m in the market for a new hairdresser, a mature, experienced person who can help me figure out what I mean when I say “not too blonde”.  Any ideas?

Another little mess I made this week:  I ordered a 50mm lens for my camera.  That sounds like a great idea, huh?  But, actually, I already have one that my daughter gave me when I first bought the Nikon, lo those many years ago.  I never used it because my camera doesn’t have autofocus capability for it…and it still doesn’t, by the way…   After discussing the situation with Melissa, she has urged me to buy a new camera…!    Great idea!  I’m researching and hope to make a purchase soon.

The weather is perfect for pumpkins and mums.  We bought several pumpkins at Ronnie’s today and we’ve gotten out the harvest decorations for inside and out.   I love this time of year.  I’ll be catching up the garden blog this week—REALLY…   Till then, have a great week!

One thought on “another week done gone

  1. Leslie Gile

    I can’t believe how much the 2 of you look alike. I didn’t have my glasses on and thought she was you! Please tell her I said “Hello and happy birthday.”


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