Excuses, excuses…

In addition to the “working 7-days-a-week” excuse for not blogging, I’d like to add the “we’ve painted 5 rooms and gotten new carpet” justification.   Casey’s been working 10-hour days, 4 days/week, off Fridays, and has worked the last couple of week-ends painting the front of the house in a nice neutral “toasted almond”  (although he finished up the kitchen in white).   We figured since I’m gone all the time right now, we’d get this stuff done and be able to relax after this Last Week-end of Horseracing.

Painting in the front wasn’t too bad since we only had to move the furniture into the middle of the room and take down the wallhangings…but….we had carpet laid yesterday in the back room and had to move out Everything…Everything….   I have waayy tooo much stuff …

The unbearable heat kept most folks away from the track yesterday and I’m hoping they stay away today too—or at least stay hydrated.  While I’m manning the First Aid Station, Casey will be finishing up the painting in the back…


I hope to have it Mostly put back together by Monday…  Have a great Labor Day Week-end!

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