Doing nothing and resting afterwards…

With only 4 more days left in 81 Days:  A Sonnystone Summer Vacation this is the last one without commitments, engagements, appointments, or even Chores…  I slept in as late as I could, fostering my laziness, and plan on staying in these clothes unless I need supplies…  

The last 77 days have gone so well…  I still have memories of the grandkids floating around my head from July;  in June  the blues fest, B.B. King, the Garden Walk, and Car Show were stand-outs.  In the next 4 days we’ll be going to the Henderson Blugrass Fest and try to get to the 4H Antiques Show.

On Monday I’ll get back to my school building and set up the office.  It will be good to see my school-friends, and I have some ideas for decorating my office…But…

Today is a day to Count My Blessings…that will take all day long…

(and thanks for being one of them…yes, you,  dear reader…you read all the way to the end, even though there were no pictures…)

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