Final pictures…

We drove the Jose’ crew up to Indy on Wednesday, pushing them out of the van as we drove by the  home on Riverview.  Not quite that abruptly, but we really did just carry in their bags, kiss them good-bye and do a u-turn.  We have been shopping for RV’s lately and wanted to check out CampingWorld in Greenwood while we were up there (nothing exciting);  from there we took the long way home.

It was a beautiful, magical, action-packed reunion.    There’s always a period of sadness after the kids have left, a real gloom that melts my mind.   Am I the only one who feels that time is speeding up?  I try to intentionally slow it,  digging my heels into each moment, but it just keeps moving on.  Children grow up, I grow old…


We managed to squeeze in some mini-golfing  the day before they left…


Of course, we took the obligatory picture on the swing…


And gramps helped them with their game…


The Quiet is deafening…  I’m back at the track, though, and school starts (for me) a week from tomorrow.  Already I’m planning a Veteran’s Day quicktrip to NYC and we’re All Hyped for the visit to WDW at Christmas.

Thanks to all the family and friends who added their joy to our festivities..!

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