I’ve missed you…

It’s been a busy almost-2-weeks since I’ve sat down and shared with y’all.  Part of the reason is that I have felt like Crap, Poop, and Mostly Snot for the week leading into July 4th, prompting me to cough, sneeze, blow my nose until I look like Bozo, take more medicine that I care to (didn’t help), gripe, complain, and constantly explain that I’m not crying, I’m not high (hardly), it’s just my damned allergies.  I’m not one of those people who actually knows what they’re allergic to, but my suspicion is molds.  The rainy weather that sat on our area for 6 days, inundating us, is the culprit.  Even the first glimpse of blue sky was quickly covered back up, a tease that only made my head ache worse.  This morning is beautiful–sunny and clear–and I’m still snotty and raspy, have used a half-box of kleenex, and half-dozen cough drops, but wherever there’s sunshine, there’s hope.

Back at the track (Ellis, that is)…

Ellis began its 90th season of thoroughbred racing on 7/4 this year.  I checked in on the first and got the First Aid Station all set up, then worked through my pain and discomfort, griping my way through the week-end.  Despite some set-backs with the dirt track (somebody is verrry cheap out there), there were plenty of horses to fill the race slots for 9 races each day but Friday.  I had to buy a KHRC license this year and I feel so, um, horsey?  official?  cool…

I did manage to make $2 yesterday, but have mostly made bets for the EMT’s that I work with…it’s more fun to watch other people lose their money.  The one gal I’m working with has never been to the races before and her “beginner’s luck” and her excitement was delightful…

Our ambulance, driven by my friendly co-workers, is always close behind…


Mark your calendars…

Please note that Melissa and her daughters will be arriving at Sonnystone on Saturday, July 13 and staying until July 31.  Most of our friends know that I just open up the house and you can come by anytime, but I want to make it clear to all:  Please come by anytime.

I may or may not have a party, but even if I do, I don’t want that one time to be the only time you visit.  We want Emma and Eliza to see all of their friends while they’re here:  L, MJ, Sophie, Silas, Fiona, Archer, Berkeley, Briley,  Ben, Noah, Sam, and just everyone.   We’ll have the camper set up, there’s some craft work to be done, and I’ll try to feed them.   I know Melissa will be making the pool tour at Kristi’s, Elaine’s, Lauren’s, Sandy’s, and Burdette.  Give me a call and we’ll make some final plans for them.  I have to work several of the days they’re here, so don’t count on me;  I’m just the co-ordinator.  (you can see me anytime).  I’m sure Olivia will be hanging out most of the time, too, so come on!!!

special note to cousins:  it would be a Great time to visit..!  

I’ll be bugging you about this, so don’t think you can ignore me.


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