Car Show

It was a beautiful morning to stroll the riverfront and take pictures of classic cars.  Casey always walks around saying, “I should have kept that ….(1947 GMC truck) (1965 Mustang) (Dodge Swinger) (on and on)” while I say, “let’s buy one…you need a project”.  No less that 3 of my sister’s former cars were represented:  1961 Chevelle, 1969 Nova, and 1971 Malibu, but they looked a lot better than the ones Donna drove.

Grills, roomy interiors, head ornaments, and squeaky clean motors…


We day-dreamed about driving this baby around the country…


I think the hippie-dippy effect would better suit our needs, but being able to check your reflection in the door is kinda cool, too…


I bet this evening’s rain just beaded up and rolled off of that wax…

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