B is for B.B.

Sitting at B&N lunching yesterday, checking my facebook, I saw that my favorite Bar was giving away 2 tickets to the B.B. King concert.  I had forgotten about the King being in town, but the idea of free was good and I haven’t practiced my Creative Visualization in a while.  After finishing up some errands, I headed downtown to put my name in the jar..drank a beer and talked with the bartender, who told me they’d be giving away the tickets (and a $50 gift card) at 6:30.  She said she sure hoped I’d win, but just in case I didn’t,  her friend had some tickets to sell cheeep.  Okay, I’m a winner either way.

Casey’s been working loooonnnggg days and I called him up and told him to plan on jumping right into the shower and some clean clothes after work, so we made it back to the bar in time to see a lady name Gwenny win.  She was not me.  But, we did manage to get 2 tickets for less than the cost of one, yes..!  We had a great time…

Yes, folks, that's Lucille
Yes, folks, that’s Lucille

B.B. King is everybody’s hero, isn’t he?  87-years-old, still cookin’.  His horn section was superb, his whole band excellent. Seeing him put  my concerns about aging into perspective…


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