Every November I re-join the Y to walk the treadmill or track.  I’ve been doing this for about 6 years now, trying my best to keep off the pounds.  What’s interesting is that I walk more during those 5-6 months than any other time during year.  While it’s true that my gardening does burn calories even better than walking, that’s just during Spring planting season or if I’m moving stuff around.  My other usual Summer exercise is…uh, maybe I clean the house or something;  unless you count wandering around looking for stuff I’ve misplaced…

Southern Indiana gets damn hot and humid in the summertime;  by July, there’s no escape even in the wee hours of the morning.   I’m honestly Not a beer-drinker, but somehow sweaty summer days make me crave a cold one.   Though grilling can be healthy, for me it often deteriorates into large burgers or pounds of pork ribs that Casey and I wolf down with slathers of BBQ sauce and corn on the cob immersed in butter, and for me a serving size of watermelon is half-a-melon.

At my advanced age, I don’t expect to see a return of my flat belly or to turn my dimpled arms to buff muscle, but I would like to be able to say that I accomplished Something or just had a modicum of discipline for a brief moment in my life.  Soo, Again I have started a new Plan:  walking, fun walking, at least 3x week.  Not so much to ask, you say?  Well, right now that’s true:  the weather this week is cooler than usual, perfect for an early-morning walk, even comfortable for an evening stroll.  I managed to get in 9+ miles last week, in torrid humidity, so this week ought to be somewhat easier…

So I’m off today to the Zoo, where a couple of quick loops is 3 miles and some challenging hills.  Last week I ran into some friends, so I didn’t get it clocked, but today I’m going to go as quickly as possible…


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